Tommy & Tiffany's Wedding Day

I remember receiving an email from Tiffany about filming her wedding day. I could tell she was beyond excited about her big day coming up just through her email. I called her up to get some more info and the same excitement from the email was in the phone call as well. Not that most brides aren't excited about their wedding day, but I could tell Tiffany was ready to celebrate her big day and was excited to book Justin Algarin Creative to film her wedding. As a result, I was excited to film her wedding day.

Wedding day finally approached and looked like it was going to be a great day for a wedding in Lake Mary, Florida. Sun was shining, well for the time being. All in all you couldn't have asked for a better day. But being in Florida during the summer season, you can never be surprised when the rain comes through. Wasn't till after the ceremony, we're outside getting some great shots with the bride and groom. We heard the thunder warning us, better make it quick. And that we did. Got as many shots as we could before the down pour started. And pour it did.

But that wasn't going to keep this day from moving forward. Tommy and Tiffany were just happy to be married. I and was happy I was able to be a part and film their day for them.

I'm excited to share Tommy and Tiffany's wedding day highlights.