Tejahn's Senior Portraits

I had the opportunity recently to visit back home. Just to relax, visit family and why not, do a little work. I was contacted by a friend who wanted to get some senior portraits done for her son. I'll never turn down a opportunity to pull up my camera so told her I'd be happy to.

I remember meeting her son Tejahn years back actually. When he was actually shorter than me. But that has changed.....a lot. He now towered over me. I probably should have brought a step stool to the shoot with me. Often times found myself standing on my tippy toes or find an object somewhere nearby to gain some height advantage. But none the less, the shoot turned out great.

Rain was in the forecast and we only had this short time during my visit back home. We met up at one of my favorite spots that I love to shoot at and the rain held off. Tejahn was a natural. Very much enjoyed this opportunity to do his senior portraits.

Take a look at some of my favorites from the shoot.