Omar & Brenda Engagement Shoot

I met Omar & Brenda about 7 or 8 months ago. Brenda being a cousin of my wife. Had the privilege of doing their son's Liam one year photos as well as his birthday party in 2014. They mentioned they wanted me to do their photos for their wedding. I asked them if they wanted to do an engagement shoot. They said they really didn't have plans to do so. So being a photographer I thought that was crazy. So I convinced them to do an engagement shoot. During this time it was still winter and neither of us wanted to do a winter shoot. So we waited till the weather was nicer. As well as our schedules to clear up. 

Well, finally we had the opportunity to do the engagement shoot. Was a perfect day for one. I already knew when we first talked about doing this, the spots I wanted to shoot at. The first location we went to was Montclair, NJ. Montclair has that great small town feel. A bunch of small shops and countless bistros. I could have stayed their all day with them to shoot. So many nice spots, Whether it was an alley way, an outside staircase, you couldn't really find a bad spot to take some photos.

The second location I wanted to take them to was Hoboken, NJ. A nice park area overlooking the Hudson River and the Freedom Tower. Just like Montclair, so many spots for some great photos. Wherever we walked I had them posing.

I couldn't have been happier with how the photos turned out. Definitely one of my favorite shoots to date. So with that, I'm excited to share Omar and Brenda's engagement shoot.