Family Portrait Shoot with the Santana's

   One thing about family portrait shoots that I love is the pride a family feels for each other when they receive their photos. I've known Steven and Mariely for a while. Knowing Steven since high school, never did I think at that time that one day I would be doing a family photo shoot with his future family. Never knew at that time that I would even be doing photography. Interesting how things work out.

   Jumping forward to the day of the shoot, it was a gloomy day and it was raining on and off. It really didn't look like we were going to be able to do the photos that day. We drove into Winter Park, hoping the rain would hold off at least until we were finished. Luckily, it did!

   Walked around just for a bit and right away I knew we came to the right spot. The feel, the vibe and the look of Winter Park was perfect for the family photo shoot. I honestly could have took photos of them all day because there were so many great spots. With colorful buildings and cobblestone streets, couldn't have asked for better scenery.

  Of course with family photo shoots it's always a bit of a challenge to keep the kids still for more than a few seconds. But sometimes that's not always a bad thing. Capturing them in whatever moment they are in at the time can often make for better photos. As soon as the photo shoot was finished I was more than excited to start editing.

   So with that said, here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot. Enjoy!