Why You--Yes You!--Should Get A Wedding Video

Many couples aren't sure whether they should hire a videographer to shoot a wedding video. Here's why you should consider it. There’s a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. If a still picture is worth a thousand words, how much more a motion picture?

Live Your Day All Over Again

Motion picture is the most powerful form of visual expression. There’s no day that deserves more of that than your wedding. I've never heard any my friends--or clients--regret having their wedding professionally recorded on video. 

The reason I’m so passionate about wedding videography is that it has the power to bring you right back--as if you’re living the day all over again. 

Do you have any home movies from growing up? Or maybe you don’t and wish you did...I definitely do. I have plenty of pictures laying around, but I always wish I had more video. Pictures are great, but video conveys so much emotion. It takes you right back to that time. 

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More Than Just Pictures

Imagine yourself several years into your marriage. How much of the day will you remember? Probably not as much as you wish. But in a professional video, you’ll see yourself preparing that morning: doing your makeup, getting dressed, checking yourself in the mirror. You’ll hear small bits of conversation with your closest friends and family, joking around with each other. You’ll relive your arrival at the church, your face as you remember exactly what you were thinking at that moment, your vows, your first kiss.

All the sounds, movements, gestures, even the last minute questions from loved ones, “How are you feeling? You ready for this?”...it those little things that you want to remember, smile at, and laugh at. Your whole life has been leading up to this day. It's difficult to capture that with a photo. But when you can actually watch your wedding years down the road, it can overwhelm you just as it did the day it took place. A video will do more than speak a thousand words. It will take you back. 

Consider how much a professional video can do for you and your loved ones. Doing so gives yourself the power to relive the biggest day of you life. In my next blog I'll get into what to look for when hiring a wedding videographer. We here at Justin Algarin Creative might be just what you’re looking for. 

- Justin

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