One Of The Memorable Ones

When I think about the various weddings I’ve filmed I definitely have some favorites. Each wedding I do is unique in its own way. Each has it’s own style, it’s own look, and it’s own feel. Each couple is different as well. For this blog I thought I’d share one of the weddings I’ve done that for me, has stood out.

Johnny & Lorraine......

I remember receiving an email from Lorraine, asking me to give her a call with my pricing and packages. I gave her a call and she explained how the already had a videographer booked and just a few weeks before the wedding, they now suddenly did not have a videographer for their big day. She came across one of my ads and contacted me. We set up a time to meet, she was not able to make it but I met with her fiancé Johnny. I knew instantly after meeting with him I wanted to be the one to film their wedding.

Here’s Why....

It’s pretty simple actually, I could tell Johnny knew how to have a good time. When you meet a couple like that, then I know I’m going to get some good footage. But it’s more than just that. He told me a bit about what to expect as far as the setting of the ceremony and all. Outside, near the lake, and of course only hoping for lot’s of sunshine.

The Big Day Arrives....

John & Lorraine Pic 6.png

Wedding day arrives and yes, plenty of sunshine for the day. I arrive to the location and felt like I struck gold. Ceremony set up right next to the lake. For me, you can never go wrong with that. I love the water. Ceremony went great and now was time for pictures to be done. This is one of my favorite parts of the day. Filming this portion of the day with the couple enjoying their first moments as husband and wife. Got some great shots on the pier with the water surrounding them. But I absolutely loved the train tracks we were able to film on. For some reason I love getting train tracks on film.  Something about it just looks real good. It all came out great in the video.

Johnny and Lorraine were great to work with. The videographer they originally hired definitely missed out on a great wedding with a great couple. Very easy going couple who definitely knew how to have a good time. And the video captured it all. That’s why Johnny and Lorraine were one of my favorite weddings that I’ve done. Check out their wedding highlight video here.....Johnny & Lorraine's Video.

- Justin

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