Do You Know The One Question Every Couple Gets Asked?

Whenever I have a couple tell me that would like to chose to have the " Our Love Story" filmed, I get excited. 

The "Our Love Story" video is taken from an interview I do with you and your spouse-to-be. It's a great chance for you to share your memories and thoughts with each other and your loved ones. Once filmed, the video is produced and played at your reception.

The World Wants to Know

This is more than some cute footage. It's a story and celebration of your love. Your story should be told! The first time you made eye contact, the first hello, the first date. These are moments we don't usually forget. But it means so much more to hear you talk about them. Your wedding is a celebration of your future together. But the world wants to know how you got to that point. The "Our Love Story" video is the perfect way to share your journey, especially because of one common quesion:

"How Did You Meet?"

That's the the universal question every couple gets asked seemingly a hundred times in their lives. Why is that? Because a journey like yours is something many people out there hope to have one day. 

Some of the greatest stories of your relationship come from the time you were just dating and getting to know each other. The dating process, meeting parents, your first "I love you", the engagement, saying I do--this is all so important...and so fun to talk about. Why not document your story for times down the road? Show your children your love story video, giving them a glimpse of how your relationship progressed from dating to being husband and wife.

What's Your Love Story? 

Telling your story is always a lot of fun and laughs. It brings out so many memories and helps you cherish your wedding even more.  


The "Our Love Story" video comes with my Standard and Premium packages. Getting to know you as a couple is very important to me. Doing this love story video with you is the best way for me to do that, and it's always a great time. Check out some "Our Love Story" videos on my Portfolio page. 


I'm ready to take your big day and create a compelling and memorable video library for you and your loved ones to enjoy forever. Contact me today.