Cody & Kayla's Beach Wedding

I remember when Kayla first reached out to me about photographing her wedding. She explained to me they were from Indiana and were coming to Orlando with their two kids to get married on the beach. They decided not to have a reception but to instead take their two children to Disney World. Not a bad way to get married if you ask me. Marry the person you love and then celebrate with your family at Disney. So I knew it would be a shorter wedding day than usual.

When the wedding day came in October of 2018, couldn’t have asked for better weather for a beach wedding. When I arrived at the hotel where they were getting ready things were already in hustle mode. Some changes came that morning concerning the wedding but that wasn’t going to stop it from being a great day. And it was. It was a smaller wedding, just family and their closest friends and a nice small set up on the beach. Everything was picture perfect. Wedding guest brought blankets to sit out on the beach to watch the ceremony. Probably the most relaxed ceremony I’ve photographed.

The ceremony went great. Even the guy shouting congratulations from his hotel balcony brought a laugh to everyone. They had me booked for another couple hours after the ceremony which meant we had plenty of time to get a lot of great photos of them on the beach. And that we did. Usually after a ceremony you’re rushing to get all the shots of family and the bride and groom before the reception begins. But this time I didn’t have to worry about that. Was nice to be able to take my time with them and get a lot of nice portraits of Cody and Kayla.

I’m very happy with how the photos came out and they have expressed to me how much they love their wedding photos as well. I’m pleased to be able to share some of my personal favs from Cody and Kayla’s beach wedding!

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Al & Liliana's Harley Wedding

Al and Liliana are a special couple. That was evident right away. By special I mean the way that when they are together they light up the room. I first met Liliana over the phone before as she was booking her wedding with me. Liliana and her fiance live in New Jersey. A couple things she mentioned to me over the phone that were important was to make sure I captured their dog and that they are big Harley Davidson people. She was beyond excited about her wedding coming up.

When the time came for the wedding I flew up to Jersey from Orlando, Florida for the weekend. Was finally able to meet Al and Liliana face to face. A true genuine couple that deeply cared for one another. Just seemed to be something extra special about it. Oh, and I also finally meet Benny their dog. Ceremony time came and the place was packed with family and friends. Was a beautiful venue. After the I do's we went outside for some portraits and that's when I finally got to see this bright cherry red Harley Davidson with red LED lights underneath. This was their other pride and joy after their dog Benny. Loved being able to get some great photographs with them and their amazing Harley.

The rest of the evening was a non stop party as they danced the night away. Liliana, being a Zumba instructor also did one of her Zumba routines that the majority of the guest joined in on and danced while others all pulled out their cell phones having to capture the moment for themselves. 


I wish I could put into words how the atmosphere felt that evening. I guess it was electric in a sense but was just something more that I can't find the right words to say. Other than that which I stated in the beginning of this blog, Al and Liliana are a special couple. And I believe it's evident through their wedding photos.

Take a look at some of their photos below of their special day!

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Jose & Jocelyn's Wedding Day

I remember first meeting with Jocelyn for the first time to go over details for her wedding day. A friend of hers who is actually friends of my wife referred Jocelyn to me about photography her wedding day. We set up a meeting where I met Jocelyn and her mother. Went over some details and was pleased that she decided to hire me to photograph her wedding. 

The original destination for her wedding was changed shortly after meeting with her. They decided to move the wedding to a beautiful resort in Melbourne Beach, Florida. A beautiful view overlooking the ocean. The timing of the wedding actually couldn't have had been better. It was one week before Hurricane Irma was to hit Florida. You would have never thought a hurricane was getting ready to hit the day of the wedding. It was picture perfect. 

It was a smaller more intimate wedding. Ceremony overlooking the ocean. I was glad Jocelyn and Jose chose this spot to celebrate their big day. The second Jocelyn meet Jose and the alter you could just see their excitement. But why wouldn't they be excited. The entire day couldn't have gone any better. Perfect scenery for some great wedding photos. I was looking forward to getting some nice formal shots with the new bride and groom. I try my best not to take too long with the bride and groom after the ceremony so they can get a chance to rest before the reception. But this day I struggled to let them go. I could have keep them there taking photos for the rest of the day. 

I'm happy to share some of my favorite photos from Jose and Jocelyn's wedding day. 


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Jorge & Maria's Wedding Day

Jorge and Maria have been married for 10 years. But, they never had the opportunity to have a real wedding. So they decided that on their 10 year anniversary they would do just that. I met Jorge and Maria when I moved to Florida a couple years ago. Since getting married they have had two children. 

They asked me to do a save the date shoot for them. I found a small area behind a shopping plaza that turned out to be a great photo spot. You can check out a few of the photos from that shoot below.

The save the date photos came out great as you can see. Next was just waiting for their wedding day/vow renewal date to arrive. 

The location for the wedding took place on a golf course in Altamonte Springs. Just outside Orlando. Golf courses always make for great backdrops to a wedding. Only problem was the weather decided it wanted to rain shortly before the ceremony. The weather did clear up by the time the ceremony was to begin but that didn't mean the area dried up in time. With wet chairs outside for the guest it was decided to move the ceremony inside. Either way, the day they waited 10 years to make happen was finally here.

With an excited bride and groom and their close friend officiating, I'm sure it felt as if they were getting married for the first time. I was honored they chose me to photograph this very special occasion for them and I'm happy to share some of my favorite photos from Jorge and Maria's wedding.


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Congrats Jorge and Maria on 10 years of marriage!

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